Velodyne Story

The Ground Breaking System

Velodyne Marine System delivers a scalable, stable structure which any luxury yacht or commercial work boat can be built upon. The ground breaking invention is based on real time electronic pneumatic technology which results in a low maintenance, scalable marine product which can stabilize marine craft in the roughest seas.

The boat is designed with two pontoons connected to legs which support a level platform. The platform automatically and instantaneously corrects itself, in order to maintain a level position. The result is the experience of “taking the dock with you,” as your boat rides into waves and rough water.

Safe and Fast

Most boats are designed with large hulls and living space which rides at least partially within the waves, creating friction with the water. Hall’s design puts the platform and riding/living space above the action of the water, so there is less friction and drag. The result is more efficient travel at higher speed.

Considered an “active” method, Hall’s technology is much more effective than current marine stabilizing methods which are passive and take more time to react to the pitch of the sea. Hall’s electrical pneumatic system requires no warm-up time, complex vacuum systems, nor slow hydraulic suspension systems. The current technology does not come close to stabilizing as immediately, effectively, and safely as Hall’s invention.

David Hall, Quiet Genius

Before the Marine invention, Hall created innovations in audio, robotics, optics, and laser systems which became products at Velodyne Inc. In 2005 Hall designed the first real time 3D Lidar viewing system, now considered state of the art for 3D mapping and Google and other “cars that drive themselves.” The common thread to most of Hall’s inventions is the use of computerized electronics running innovative servo technology. The Lidar 3D viewing system works in real time, detecting data and producing an image and guidance for driving instantaneously. Hall’s Marine Stabilizing System works in real time as well, collecting and processing data instantaneously.

The development of our Martini Series focuses on servo control married with a high speed electro-mechanical system to deliver a boat which is both fast and comfortable at high speed.
David Hall, CEO

Our Team

  • David Hall
    Principal Designer
  • Marta Thoma Hall
  • Steven Shonk
    Principal Engineer
    Test Boat Captain
  • Andrew Janik
    Sr. Mechanical Engineer
    Test Boat Pilot
  • Jim Abela
    Principal Fabricator
  • Gary Luke
    Master Machinist
    Sr. Fabricator
  • C. Vaughn Christensen
    Sr. Fabricator
  • Zachary Dirks
    Test Boat Captain
  • Greg Fish